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Foreverweds is a reflection of imagination which was planned and put into process by our founder Rishab Sutradhar after 7 years of devotion towards his work. His one and only dream was to create a base in the wedding photography and film industry with the foremost goal of bringing luxury and quality with strong & fast customer service together and taking it to the highest limit  so that everyone can be familiar with the name Foreverweds. 


We can ensure that all over india same theme and quality will be maintained  by the same system manuals.

Everyday we are trying to upgrade our process and system by researching on new technologies and methods.We keep ourselves updated with the latest equipments.We also love to look at others works and take inspirations for our projects just to provide our customers with a  quality experience and services.




Our team members work for more than 14 hours with full passion and zeal just to make your picture quality flawless. 



Through continuous upgradation we will make our  photography, cinematography and storybooks more luxurious and evergreen. 

Mr. Rishab Sutradhar, founder of FOREVERWEDS has 7+ years of experience on commercial photography, fashion and wedding photography. And he just know one thing in his work that is perfection. He believes in the moto"DO BEST OR NOTHING". He is the backbone of this company and has a knack for finding the perfect moment. He has the capability to translate a vision perfectly. 

Foreverweds is an umbrella brand of NS4 FASHION AND RETAIL CO LLP. Mr. Rishab Sutradhar is the founder of NS4 and he also carries business knowledge in fashion clothing industry. Thus with us you also get a trust and security of memories with a nationalised company farm.We lay special emphasis on each and every detail which will resonate the personality of the couple and the wedding vibes.

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Our official Contact Number: +91 70016 33578

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